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We combine design flair with editorial rigour & narrative nous to create animated explainers, motion graphics, infographics and multimedia communications pieces that really succeed.

Storyburst is a creative content agency with journalistic craft at its core.


We are old school sub-editors and dogged reporters with new school skills in digital design and visual narrative. We are here to tell important stories in whatever format will best ensure that they are heard, understood and acted upon in the modern media landscape. As the tagline says: vital information needs vibrant presentation...

We do MOTION DESIGN: short animated videos that explain your ideas or summarise your report simply, dynamically & engagingly.

We do LIVE CONTENT, as Visual Newsdesk – attending conferences and events to provide contemporaneous visual reports that burst with colour and atmosphere, with a laser focus on quality information, newsworthiness and accuracy. 

We create INFOGRAPHICS and SOCIAL IMAGES: A visual treatment that ensures your statistics and key messages grab attention and are quickly absorbed and retained.

We write, edit and design all manner of PRINT & DIGITAL PUBLICATIONS: brochures, reports, books, appumentaries, multimedia articles & blog posts – whatever's required...

If you have a story, get in touch and we'll find the brightest, strongest way of telling it...

Animation / Motion Design


Create a short animation to explain an idea or summarise report findings simply, dynamically & engagingly. You can check out our showreel on Vimeo and get in touch about bringing your idea to life

Graphic Design & Copy


Infographics and social images:
A visual treatment that ensures your statistics
and key messages grab attention & are quickly absorbed and retained.

Print and digital publications: We write, edit and design brochures, annual reports, books, appumentaries, multimedia articles & blog posts. Email to request the writing samples you'd like to see, or leaf through a few articles here

Live Content
with Visual Newsdesk


Our live team attends and reports from events & conferences – providing crafted, edited, beautifully designed social media images, gifs and infographics in real time for distribution on Twitter, Snapchat, or wherever your live on-site and global digital audience is at.

If you've planned a private meeting, we can document it for presentation in the form of a summary infographic or a complete visual report screened live to the internal audience.

We can also create a large-scale drawing on paper to capture the discussion. 

We can work with you on deep-dive follow-up content such as rich articles and animations. Take a look at our Twitter feed to get a flavour of what we've been working on recently and drop us a line to discuss your next event!





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Tel: +353 86 817 6609 / 

     +44 7786 242 139

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© 2021 by Storyburst

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Irish College of Ophthalmologists

Design of a hardback book commemorating 100 years of the Irish College of Ophthalmology

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